Ancestral know-how

All our patterns are printed or woven by hand in India using ancestral techniques in human-scale workshops that respect people, the environment and time.

Frame, block print, ikat, kalam kari... are all skills that our carefully selected artisans master and pass on from generation to generation.

India, country of all possibilities

India, far from being a country of
relocation is the country of all
possible and the cradle of the know-how that we love above all. This is the country that has put us on the path to social and environmental responsibility since the beginning.

India offers us a Freedom that we
would never have dared to imagine. Mix incongruous colors, print a contemporary design using an ancestral technique, have another relationship with time when it comes to creating and manufacturing exceptional fabrics.

Praise of slowness

“India is a source
of inexhaustible inspiration
who delivers us from the dictates of
our era. »

Exit "fashionable" products, let's give ourselves the right to take the time, to stretch it, to give it the place it deserves.

Let’s avoid the pitfalls of seasonality!

Our partners

Hansa, a strong 83-year-old, is the conductor of the Indian teams. With her niece Kavita, she distributes the printing and the workmanship between the artisans, according to their specialties. Each region corresponds to original know-how and a talented craftsman, carefully selected by Hansa. For them, it is much more than an employer: it contributes concretely to improving their living environment, by supporting them in times of difficulty, by financing their children's studies, the purchase or renovation of their house.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom ! Freedom, Freedom, Freedom ! Freedom, Freedom, Freedom !

We love this freedom of tone and spirit, which we can find here or there. For us, India is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It frees us from the dictates of our time. It frees up our time
and its constraints. Because everything takes a lot of time there, so you might as well make the most of it!