Welcome to Bombay-Sur-Seine

Since the beginnings in 2004, the creators, Marie Lucas and Clémence du Tertre, have created a bridge between India and France. Between tradition and modernity.

They design collections for everyone, timeless, “retro” and modern at the same time.

Colorful and printed collections.

All the patterns are designed in Parisian workshops and printed or woven in India using ancestral know-how.

Emotional motives

“What makes a print successful? Is it his brush stroke, which we feel hesitant, almost trembling? Or its reassuring primary colors? Or is it because it was printed by women and men with unique know-how in the world, who enriched it with a part of themselves, their simplicity and their sincerity? Honestly, we ourselves don't know. But should we really try to understand? We simply prefer to tell ourselves that there is undoubtedly a little magic in that. » Clémence and Marie

Goodbye Sadness !

Collections for everyone that explode the “neutral black-grey-we’re-bored-of-the-city”.

Exit "fashionable" products, let's give ourselves the right to take the time, to stretch it, to give it the place it deserves.

Let’s avoid the pitfalls of seasonality!

A commitment to proven sincerity

For sixteen years, the founders have worked with pride to promote traditional know-how and “handmade”, to ward off industrial bad luck. All fabrics are printed or hand-woven by women and men who are artisans by family tradition. Their exceptional know-how is the beauty and soul of the collections. For sixteen years, they have only worked with humanly responsible partners, who also support local crafts, and offer their employees decent living conditions, access to education, healthcare, etc.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom ! Freedom, Freedom, Freedom ! Freedom, Freedom, Freedom !

We love this freedom of tone and spirit, which we can find here or there. For us, India is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It frees us from the dictates of our time. It frees us from time and its constraints. Because everything takes a lot of time there, so you might as well make the most of it!